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  • The 250 first trucks that sign up and tick in "Want to compete", distributed according to the number of starting places in the different classes according to a separate list, may participate in the competition. Others are equally welcome but except the competition!
  • 50 "Wild cards" can be handed out to cars that have not yet announced in time.
  • Trucks except the competition still get a patch to put in the box, the starting number is for participating in Best In Show and Best In Lights and stands together with the competitors lorries in the judging rating classes.

All whole and clean trucks are still welcome!

Therefore, we encourage as many people as possible to decide if you want to participate in the competition or not. If you want to participate in the competition, tick the "Want to compete" button to get that opportunity. This box to tick in is an active choice you must do, otherwise you will be automatically notified as out of the competition.

Master Class and Mini STS: The ekipage included in these classes is outside of the above rules.