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Showcase your company at one of Southern Sweden's fastest growing events!

Take the opportunity to showcase your company at one of Sweden's largest trucking meetings. With over 8000 visitors and 900 exhibition trucks we can offer a broad target group from Swedish transport industry. With a large catchment area, all opportunities for Skåne Truckshow to grow even bigger and stronger. Our goal is to offer a market place in southern Sweden's nicest trucking event. Our focus is to attract the whole family with activities and events - all for a good atmosphere.

Skåne Truckshow has developed a business park with stands in different sizes and prices to attract visitors.

Do you offer other exposure alternatives?

Of course, we offer other exponential options for those companies that are unable to join. There is the opportunity to market themselves through the event's application leaflets, area exposure, price sponsorship to any of the weekend's competitions (eg the field camp), competition and promotion via Facebook and advertisement on the website.

If you are interested in any of these, you will hear from and we will tell you more.


Under Skåne Truckshow we offer all companies a variety of car types. Daycare center either Friday or Saturday, weekend dressing, food tickets, staffing and parking.

One-day Pass

When buying a one-day pass, a numbered free ticket is shared, only the free tickets used are billed after the completed event.

Weekend Pass

When purchasing a wedding band, all ordered bands are invoiced. These are valid both Friday and Saturday.

Staff Pass

Each exhibition company receives 4 personal staff. These will be handed out to the staff working under Skåne Truckshow. Should you need more, this will be purchased.

Parking Pass

Each exhibition company receives 4 parking passes. These then apply as free parking in the area's corporate parking. A parking area that is nearer the event area than the public parking lot. If you want more than 4 parking passes, this is purchased.

Food Vouchers

More info will be available in the spring.

The tickets ordered before the specified closing date are sent to the specified address. Tickets ordered after the specified date will be picked up at the venue during the event. NOTE! You then see the fact that your customers & guests get their tickets.




5 x 5 m

7 500 kr

10 x 5 m

9 500 kr

10 x 10 m

12 500 kr

15 x 10 m

14 500 kr

20 x 10 m

17 000 kr

25 x 10 m

19 500 kr

Vid önskemål av andra mått ber vi er kontakta för offert.